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Pre fabricates

Various steel profiles for walls and ceilings

  • aluminium or stainless steel material (1,5 – 3,0 mm)
  • I, L, Z, U or special shapes
  • power or wet painted

Border bars

  • ready-to-fit pre-fabricates (pre-fab modules)
  • stainless steel straight tube
  • 20×3 stainless steel flat bar (with optional holes for screws)
  • brass flat bar
  • stainless steel tube with quide plate and pre-bended radius


  • different sizes
  • 3 mm stainless steel
  • tray insert with various patterns 2 mm stainless steel

Ceiling beams

  • custom-design and production
  • produced from sheetmetal (1,0-1,5 mm galv. steel)
  • straight or radius elements
  • with internal connecting quides and reinforcements
  • powder or wet painted
  • mirror polished or other spacial surfaces
  • delivered with installation scheme

    Other pre-fabs

    • dirt matt frames
    • skirting elements

    Decorative elements

    • wall and ceiling panels with custom pattern
    • wall pilasters (aluminium combined with real wood)
    • art frames (made from printed aluminium)
    • decorative constructions (from steel & aluminium)

    Wall modules

    • custom-design steel wall elements
    • columns with TV recess
    • wall elements with roller shutter boxes
    • curved walls
    • walls with special grid or shape
    • room dividers (with decoral or wood surface)

    Other products

    • metal cabinets (custom design)
    • custom-made light fixtures
    • steel frames (for sofas etc)
    • wheeled mirror holders
    • fixed steel table legs

    Let´s talk!

    If you have questions about our selection of hatches or you would like to make a custom order, write us about your thoughts.