Interior products for shipbuilding

We are marine industry specialists designing and producing service hatches and a variety of custom products.

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Service hatches

Marine inspection_hatch_c-class with square type lock - c-luokan luukku neliölukolla

Custom products

Ferramare Wall Modules

Ferramare OÜ product range development with new products

Grant identification code: 2014-2020.15.03.22-0527

Realm: entrepreneurship and innovation

Project duration: 09.02.2022 – 23.08.2023

Implementing authority: Ettevõtluse ja Innovatsiooni Sihtasutus

Fund: Recovery Assistance for Cohesion and the Territories of Europe (REACT-EU)

Project cost: 145 555.00 EUR

Grant sum: 65 499.00 EUR (45%)

Description: Ferramare is a manufacturing company that, as a multifunctional team, designs, projects and manufactures bespoke interior solutions and products for the international shipbuilding market. Our mission is to provide customers with custom interior products and solutions that helps to create unique environments on cruise ships. The aim of the project is to expand the product portfolio with 9 new products, which supports our vision to grow into the most preferred supplier of furnishing products and solutions in the shipbuilding market in Europe.


1395 Costa Toscana | 1396 Carnival Mardi Gras | 713 Odyssey of the Seas | 1394 Costa Smeralda

Our team

Responsible of sales Marti Planken - Myynti Ferramare

Marti Planken

Sales & Projects
+372 51 21 391

Product manager Margus Kamm from Ferramare.

Martin Petoffer

Sales & Projects
+372 51 47 373

Product manager Margus Kamm from Ferramare.

Margus Kamm

Purchase & Logistics
+372 50 43 440

Product designer Vivian Planken from Ferramare.

Vivian Planken

Product Design

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