Interior products for shipbuilding

We are marine industry specialists designing and producing service hatches and a variety of custom products.

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Service hatches

Marine inspection_hatch_c-class with square type lock - c-luokan luukku neliölukolla

Custom products

Ferramare Wall Modules


1395 Costa Toscana | 1396 Carnival Mardi Gras | 713 Odyssey of the Seas | 1394 Costa Smeralda

Our team

Product designer Vivian Planken from Ferramare.

Vivian Planken

Product Design

Responsible of sales Marti Planken - Myynti Ferramare

Marti Planken

+372 51 21391

Product manager Margus Kamm from Ferramare.

Margus Kamm

Product Manager

Let´s talk!

If you have questions about our selection of hatches or you would like to make a custom order, write us about your thoughts.